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Our Brand

Creating a consistent brand helps to ensure consumers will continue to trust in and rely on our family of products.

Coinstar, the brand, is more than a name. It represents a set of values, a personality, and a spirit that is reflected in the products we provide to our consumers.

Use this guide as inspiration when creating marketing and communication pieces that represent the Coinstar brand.

Brand Story

Times have changed, and Coinstar® has too. Over the past few years, we’ve gone from being the go-to coin-to-cash converter to adding other coin services like NO FEE eGift cards and charity donations.

And now, we’re going further to offer payment solutions that solve the challenge of making physical money available in a digital world. Coinstar offers cash services to meet emerging needs like buying cryptocurrency, making digital payments, managing subscriptions, and more.

No matter how you want your money to work, Coinstar can make it work for you.


Our brand personality is how our consumers perceive and relate to us. It reinforces our brand promise and fosters trust within our consumers.

The Coinstar® personality is inspiring, genuine, and human, like a good friend you’re always happy to see.